What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Does Your Business Need It Now

Posted by Hanna G Fitz on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

When your customer is looking to learn or buy something new or perhaps trying to find a solution to a problem that your business can help them with (maybe they don't that yet), the first place they will go to research is on the Internet. Today's customer, will navigate through search engines like Google, blogs, social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, Trip Advisor and Instagram for content (information) and illustrations (photos and videos).

In the past, companies could simply put out a commercial on television, radio or in a magazine or even buy banner ads, telling the customer how awesome their product or service is. They then hope the customer will be persuaded and respond by purchasing (hit and miss approach!). Today's customer has more information and power through the Internet.

In this new buying process, there is no guarantee that your website or company will ever be discovered. Google has changed how its search engine ranks websites and it is the content creators that will rank the highest. But its not just any content that is ranking high on search engines. That's where having great copy comes in (we'll get into how to write great copy for better search engine ranking at the seminar).  One advantage of Inbound marketing over outbound, is the costs associated with outbound marketing which often involves printing and mailing materials or spreading your message through television, radio or other media. 

Today's customer has more information and power through the Internet.

 Inbound marketing is less expensive and with the right skills and tools, anyone can do it. Using the inbound method, you can attract your ideal customers to you. Inbound also allows your prospects and customers to communicate with you. They can post on your Facebook wall, comment on your blog and this makes them feel invested and engaged in your brand. Many companies get discouraged from low engagement and traffic online.

However, in this vast new universe called the Internet there are methods and techniques, when applied correctly, can help you get the results you want in the form of higher search engine ranking, more traffic to your website, more customers, a bigger email list and higher engagement. Best of all with the inbound method you will be talking to the people who actually want to listen! We will cover these key areas at the seminar in Saint Lucia on the 11th - 12th November with leading online influencer and professional blogger Sara Burnett of Burnett's Board

If you are a marketing manager, social media manager or small business owner and would like to grow your business online. Click the link here for more information on how you can take part in this training. 

If you know someone else this information can be useful to, please feel free to share or get in touch with me at hanna@seashellconsultinggroup.com. Thank You!

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