Seashell Consulting's Altagate International Business Services, offers a range of bespoke solutions to companies who are seeking international expansion or setting up in new markets. We are your bridge to new markets. We work primarily with niche and luxury brands and have acquired a wealth of experience working with organisations that target high end of the market. We offer our services in the Caribbean, Europe, North America and Latin America. Our team of experienced professionals are able to offer you the following solutions:

Market Development 

Entering a new market can present many challenges especially the cultural, legal and economic factors that shape the demography of a location. Our team will guide you through the process while you focus on the other key operational factors for your business. Our services include: 

    • Assessment of market landscape 
    • Identification of key customer targets
    • Evaluation of Competitive Landscape
    • Legal and Regulatory
    • Mode of Entry
    • Barriers to Entry
    • Distribution and Marketing

Market Entry Solutions 

    • Strategic/Business Planning Development
    • Project Management Support
    • Market Research and locational planning analysis
    • Business incorporation, legal, banking and administrative through professional service organizations and our partners
    • Marketing and communication consultation (to support a consistent launch and development of the product in the market)
    • Land, Sea, Air Market area tours
    • Demographic Research
    • Competitive Analysis and Intelligence
    • Economic Development Organizations Liaison

Strategic Alliances

    • Partner Identification and Assessment
    • Licensing and Franchising
    • Tendering for Contracts 

Trade Promotion Services 

    • Deliver targeted market studies with actionable information
    • Formulate and implement market entry strategies
    • Formulate and implement partner search strategies
    • Assist with due diligence, deal structuring and execution
    • Support inbound and outbound trade missions
    • Provide liaison with government and industry
    • Setup meetings with decision makers and key personnel 
    • Information dissemination through traditional and online media
    • Trade event support through targeted lead generation and sales optimisation
    • Facilitate business and government visits

Trade Event Support

We provide support services before, during and after the trade event. Whether you are seeking new customers, distributors, international partnerships, export sales, or expanding or building a market presence,we offer the expertise you need to connect with lucrative opportunities and increase your bottom line. Our services include:

Pre-event Services

    • Formulate customized strategy for your products, technologies, services, markets, & needs
    • Research, evaluate and approach potential prospects in the target market(s)
    • Qualify prospects, exchange information, and confirm meetings during the event

Event Services

    • Brief client staff and provide detailed information on screened prospects
    • Attend meetings and assist with discussions and information exchange
    • Ensure an action plan and time frame is agreed-upon by participants

Post-event Services

    • Generate meeting reports containing analyses and rankings of business opportunities
    • Formulate and implement action plan for each organization
    • Facilitate negotiations, agreement reviews and executing deals

International Market Expansion

We will help you cut through the guesswork and conduct the feasibility studies to evaluate the market and partnership opportunities where suitable. We will also assist with managing the soft infrastructure set up of your business in the new market and provide on-going support during the first few years. We will also work with you to identify: 

    • Licensing and Franchise Agreements 
    • Sourcing Suppliers
    • Lead Generation 
    • Contract Negotiation 
    • Tendering for Contracts 
    • Sales Presentations

Turn-Key Business Solutions for Saint Lucia 

Islands like Saint Lucia offer many opportunities for operating an offshore branch, tourism business, manufacturing and outsourcing services at low cost and in some cases tax free. We offer you a turn key solution that will support your process from the market speculation stage to full operation of your business in Saint Lucia. Our experienced experts with local knowledge will assist you with the following:

    • Company Administration. If required, we will manage the setting up and administration of a company for you including managing the input from lawyers, accountants and other professional services firms.
    • Support Services. We provide a range of business development support services for companies setting up in Europe including:
    • Product Localisation. We work with our clients to package and position their products and services within the market and provide advice and guidance on refining the value proposition for customers.
    • Presentations and Marketing Collateral. We assist in the preparation of sales and marketing collateral including presentations, white papers, data sheets, and flyers and other relevant literature.
    • Bid and Proposal Support. We assist in preparing proposals and bidding for government and commercial sector contracts. We are experienced in handling all aspects of proposal writing and the bidding process and provide comprehensive local support.
    • Location and Operational Planning
    • Human Capital and Labor
    • Regulatory Issues – Market and Product Specific
    • Accessibility/Regional Transportation
    • Real Property – Location planning, site selection – Insurance