"Like the Oyster that transforms sandy grains into precious pearls, we use creative vision and proven strategies, to turn simple ideas into products and services that are highly-valuable customer magnets."

About Us 

Seashell Consulting Inc. is a boutique marketing consultancy specialised in luxury brand management. We understand your target market and will help you take your business to the next level of growth. We work with clients who want to grow their market share, attract more customers and enter new markets. 

Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years with expertise in brand development and strategic planning in the Caribbean, European and North American markets. 

Founded on the island of Saint Lucia, the company has worked with a number of leading organisation in the Caribbean, North America and Europe across various sectors including tourism and hospitality, finance, retail, manufacturing and service industries. 

Our goal is to help you get your brand into the minds of your ideal customers, drive more traffic to your business and help you create customer loyalty through a well developed, clear, value driven brand strategy. 

We are also committed to innovation and sustainable marketing practices. We help our clients discover opportunities and craft strategies that will help your company not only stay in the game but change the game. 

We do not believe in competition, but rather leveraging the unique selling proposition of your brand to create a unique category in the market that you dominate. 


  • We need to refresh our brand and better communicate what we stand for
  • We want to be the top of mind brand for our products and services
  • We need to take our brand to the next level and create greater awareness in key markets. 
  • We need market insights to make fact based decisions that will improve our competitive advantage
  • We need to gain new customers and enter new markets
  • We need to bridge the gap between the internal and external perception of our business
  • We need to bring our brand to life across all touch points
  • We need to innovate and create or refresh our products and services
  • We need all our leaders and employees on the same page and create a road map for the future


We offer a bespoke service to companies looking to grow their business internationally or build export markets. Find out more about our ALTAGATE international business services HERE