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Online Branding

Introduction to creating your corporate brand online. 

Why your company needs to make the shift from outbound to inbound marketing.

Understanding the inbound methodology and recommended tools to work smarter.

Developing your online buyer personas and finding your online brand voice.

The anatomy of a high converting content marketing plan: 80/20 rule of content marketing.

Understanding the buyers journey online and tailoring your content for each stage.

Emotional Engagement: Why storytelling will increase customer engagement and how you can incorporate it into your content marketing plan.

Why trying to sell to customers online is a waste of time and what you should really be doing.

Managing your online brand image.

Blogging and Social Media

The subculture of the big 4 social media platforms and selecting the right ones for your business.

Three specific goals you can't afford to loose sight of when selecting a platform.

The key ingredient for social media marketing success.

The Art of Copy: How to create sharable, high converting content that engages and converts leads.

Blogging best practice including the anatomy of a great business blog.

How to grow your blog from low traffic to high engagement.

How to create sharable content to engage customers and generate leads.

How to connect with influencers.

Powerful ways you can get more from your blog analytics and how to use it to drive more traffic.

Search engine optimization basics for better blogging.

Getting your timing, tone and message right. 

Email Marketing 

The anatomy of an effective email strategy. 

How to craft compelling subject lines: The science behind successful subject lines.

Why your company needs to be using A/B Split testing right now.

How to create the ultimate lead magnet, build your list of ideal customers and create a sales funnel that converts and sells. 


If You Are A Business Owner or Manager who is looking to make more sales online, grow your email list, attract more customers to your business and get a higher return on your advertising by reaching your ideal customers then this seminar is for you!

The seminar is split into two days by industry

DAY 1- ONLINE MARKETING FOR SERVICES AND RETAIL BUSINESS Service providers, retailers and small  business owners. 

DAY 2- ONLINE MARKETING FOR PUBLIC SERVICES Marketing, Social Media and Corporate  utility companies and public service




Sara Burnett- Professional Blogger and Online Influencer 

Sara Burnett is a leading online influencer and one of the most successful bloggers in the world. In just over three years she created and developed what has become one of the world’s top 10 most visited wedding blogs, Burnett’s Boards and grew her social media across various platforms to a following of 430K. Her role as an influencer has allowed her to work with various brands from Dove to Target and garnered her features and mentions in high-profile media outlets like Elle Magazine and NPR. She also designs, styles, and produces wedding editorials for venues and vendors from Hawaii to St. Lucia, marketing them across not only her own platforms but to other blogs and print publications. Her blog regularly commands half a million unique visitors a month and millions of monthly pageviews. 

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist, Business Coach and Author 

Hanna Fitz is a brand strategist, business coach and author with over nine years experience in new product development and creating strategies to help brands grow their customer base in domestic and international markets. She has worked with a number of award-winning businesses both in the Caribbean and Europe and has helped business owners and corporations find solutions to their #1 problem "getting more customers" in retail, financial sectors, luxury goods and services. She has a first class honours degree in Corporate Management from Anglia Ruskin University, a LL.M in International Commercial Law from Northumbria University, Certificate in Managing Luxury brands, Certified Project Manager and Inbound Marketer. She is an avid user of Linkedin as a key source for building professional contacts internationally and has a high quality network which includes 1,600+ of the world’s leading influencers. She is the author of I AM THE GATEKEEPER. 




Afternoon Refreshments 

WIFI, Please walk with your laptop


including Cheatsheets and Checklist

 Location:  THE LANDING ST. LUCIA         Date: 11-12th November, 2015 

Time: 9:00 a.m -5:00 p.m. EST                      Price: US$450 per person

There are special prices available for groups of 5 and 10.  Early Registration (on or before 23rd October, 2015): 10%  Off Contact Hanna Fitz at hanna@seashellconsultinggroup.com or call 720 9099.