"Your brand is unique with a discerning clientele. 
You need a partner that is in touch with 

international trends." 

Whether your company is thinking about entering a new market, growing your customer base in the current market and gaining greater visibility for your mid to high end brand, Seashell Consulting offers an independent and objective advisory service that will assist you in achieving your business goals. 

We specialise in luxury brand marketing and can help you reach your ideal customers. Making the right decision with help of a knowledgeable strategist, can save you time, money and resources. We will help you identify opportunities to:

  • Develop a clear and strong brand identity.
  • Identify gaps in your market and create strategies to help you fill them.
  • Clearly Identify Your Ideal Customers and strategies to reach them and keep them loyal.
  • Enhance your product portfolio to attract your ideal customers.
  • Help you grow revenue through proven-market penetration strategies.
  • Engage your target audience both online and offline.
  • Create sustainable and "Green Branding" design and strategy.
  • In-market research and support in Saint Lucia for foreign investors learn more